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&(&6fdvhkdshgo;erighoiegheoirh *tears of joy*

So much of my childhood playing this game. 

So much.

I still get shivers when I see a Harkonnen palace. Fookin' deathhand missles. GARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Haha time to start up a game!!!!!!!

(And EN was never seen again :P)

Oh and on Pokemon: Ash, Sassy Black Sistah and Faggy Green Haired Guy today there is the 'Horatio Caine stumbled out of a gay bar wearing a ~fabulous~ shirt at 3 in the morning into the Everglades and was bitten by a radioactive alligator' pokemon. 

Looks like Pokemon battling isn't all...

...Black and White.


Is there one not ugly pokemon in B&W? Because seriously so far I' ve seen shirtless old men with clouds for butts, some kind of centipede thing, the stupidest floating Egyptian sarcophigi things  and some weird psychic floating blob of geometric shapes thing. Not impressed man, not impressed.
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