EN Dobson (sableantelope) wrote,
EN Dobson


Check out my paws by PinkGecko:


How awesome are they or what??! She padded them out to make them look like Lion King style feet. ^_^ I'm so damn excited! I can't wait to wear them.

Buuuut does anyone know any fursuit maker who might be up for making a pair of sleeves to match? I'm always way too hot in long sleeve shirts. 

Also: anyone whose printed off digital pictures before. I really want to print off and get my friend Susan to frame a picture I took of the Giant Sable Antelope mount at the Akeley Hall of African Mammals but I've never printed off a digital picture before to frame.
Is it best to just take it to a camera store and get them to do it? Does it make much difference versus photo paper and a decent printer?
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